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Poster: Alison OK Date: Oct 2, 2018 10:15am
Forum: news Subject: Motherboard: The Internet Archive Fixes 9 Million Broken Links on Wikipedia

One of biggest problems on Wikipedia isn’t people maliciously submitting false content—the ecosystem actually moderates what can and can’t be posted with decent efficiency and deals with false information quickly. Instead, it's the third-party citations that Wikipedia relies on. Roughly 20 million links on Wikipedia and Wikimedia sites are added and changed each week. And when a link doesn’t work anymore, the veracity of information in the article can’t be proven.

But the Internet Archive has been actively working to address this problem. According to a blog posted Monday, the archive has spent the last five years backing up nearly 9 million links referenced in Wikipedia and close to 300 Wikimedia sites across 22 different languages. And since 2015, a software bot called IABot has been identifying woking links that can replace the broken ones.

“When broken links are discovered, IABot searches for archives in the Wayback Machine and other web archives to replace them with,” the blog post reads.

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